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Another 48 hours!

Packing, riding and a day trip

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I'm at home and should be packing my bags, or eat dinner, or both, but I'm at the computer playing around...

Anyway - I now have a grand total of 2 days before I sit on a plane to Stockholm! I'm not even scared of the flight yet! (I'm sure that will come automatically - though maybe my flight phobia book worked?)

I had quite a fun last weekend at home actually. Saturday I went horseriding again in preparation for the horse trekking which was brilliant. I rode a little Haflinger horse and it went a lot better than the time before. He even cantered a few steps, with me basically sitting on there like a cowboy going "come on! come on!" Class! I feel like I'm really getting into it again though. I also kept thinking how much I want to have my own horse again. It is so much fun. Obviously I might have to wait about 30 payrises till I can afford that... or move to Sweden!

Sunday me and Jenny went to Brighton for a day out. It was brilliant - the sun came out for a change and I still have a sunburn on my face! I think the day can be summed up with: eating, walking around, drinking, eating. It was VERY windy but that kind of added to it because the waves were great. We went for a burger on a roof terrace of some Italian restaurant, then went to the pier and tried to go on the horror house ride but it broke exactly one car before we were supposed to get in. So we decided on the waterslide ride. Great idea. One thing I never take into account on those things is that you get WET and walk around soaked for the next two hours and look like you peed yourself! It was fun though. I also almost won at the dolphin derby before some pesky kids overtook my dolphin (the little bastards). Then sat in a beach cafe for the rest of the afternoon and drank beer/cider...

I absolutely love Brighton, if I could live anywhere in the UK it would probably be there. It is probably not classically "pretty" or quaint as such but it has so much atmosphere about it, the fresh air, the white houses, the seagulls everywhere!

Here are some photos of Brighton:


I have since tried to pack and have been realising that my backpack is way too small. I didn't take into account that the arctic is bloody freezing and I have to take jumpers, fleece, hats, scarves, warm things... I may have to switch from the trendy backpack to the less trendy suitcase.

I keep checking back on the weather website every day, and every day tells me the same: 7 degrees, 10 degrees, 4 degrees, I get excited when I see 12 degrees cause that seems warm compared! Oh well! I'm open for a surprise, and for a nice winter experience. The good thing is that the cold weather might scare the mosquitoes off! Which is a good thing seeing that I don't really like being eaten alive.

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Touristy weekend in London

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I called this blog "Out of this world" because I couldn't think of a title so I had to run back through all of my old album collections for inspiration. It fits as well because according to my workmates I am usually in my own world anyway! I'm intending to write about places I visit, trips, towns and other countries - and any rants that occur along the way!

Since I am an honorary Londoner (I reckon after 12 1/2 years of living in a place you can call yourself that) I will have to write something about my own city first, since I spent the last weekend as a tourist (my parents visited me). The main issue with this is that since I have lived in London for so long, it's a challenge to find a museum or attraction that they haven't seen yet.

Thus, here are the random more or less touristy things that I did on the weekend:

Shopping on Oxford Street: This is something that I pretty much only do if I have people visiting me, or if there is something I really, really need and there is no other place I can get it from. Shopping on Oxford Street on a Saturday is like slow torture, but you usually end up with everything you never knew you needed, and more. Highlights for me are the huge Borders book store (it even has a coffee house in it, what else do you need?) and Hamleys on Regent Street. It is just too good to walk through all the floors and play with the toys (if the children let you).

Random changing of the guards: I tried to find the Cabinet War Rooms (which ended up being in a completely different place than I thought) and somehow managed to lead my visitors to a Household Cavalry display instead. It was cold. It rained. The horses were drenched. 200 tourists stood around the site and exchanged the following conversations: "Excuse me, what exactly is this about?" "I don't know" "M-hm, thanks" "Maybe we should ask that policeman over there". Ask the policeman is what I ended up doing after about 20 minutes (the reply was "the old guards greet the new guards here - it's nothing special, they do it everyday"), which made all tourists in a 10 metre radios gather around me: "So what did he say this is about?" The whole experience was priceless!

Cabinet War Rooms: After the failed attempt at finding the museum I asked a policeman who led me to the correct site. It is £12 to get in which I thought was extortionate (like most things in London), but it was completely worth the price. The Cabinet War Rooms are a bunker where the British cabinet planned their strategies for WW2 from. Much of it has been restructured to the way it looked back then (using the original items found after the war rooms were opened), so it feels like walking through a different time period. For me half of the fascination was to discover the way technology and communication was used in the 30s/40s, the way offices and other rooms looked, the way people lived in the war... thoroughly recommendable.

The frozen yoghurt / ice cream place at Leicester Square (not Haagen Dazs): The prices are as enormous as the portions, but this is a little like a sugar heaven. The first time I went there I ordered a Belgian waffle with ice cream and chocolate sauce. I managed about half of it before I had to succumb, but it was amazingly good. The second time I had a strawberry cheese cake, another calorie bomb but had to be done!

The Sound Of Music: Being Austrian, it was kind of mandatory that I finally saw this musical - not the film version but at the theatre. The average age was approximately 10 as every extended family seemed to take their children to the play. I liked it more than I expected, it was more humourous than I thought and I learned an interesting piece of Austrian geography in the final scene, where the Trapp family happily explain that they only have to cross one mountain to get to Switzerland. Which, seeing that the story plays in Salzburg (some 500 km away from Switzerland the last time I checked) did amaze me. Artistic freedom removes mountains!

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